Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home at Last!

After 3 HOT weeks in the desert, I am finally back in Oakland! Hooray! Upon my arrival on Friday afternoon, I headed straight to CFO to get my long awaited Xfit on! There's nothing like 5 rounds of GHD situps and Knees-to-Elbows to kick off my first day back!

The following morning I felt like someone had used my stomach as a punching bag! After the initial pain settled, I managed to get myself out of bed (without the use of my abs) and back over to CFO for s'more fun at the Affiliate Throw down! I had such a great time meeting, couching and competing with people from other Bay Area Crossfit gyms. The hopper-style workout was downright painful but totally worth it: high rep squats followed by more squatting and then a run-what more could I ask for?
On Sunday I rested:)
3 Eggs scrambled w/ 1 whole red onion
Crushed cashews
=3 blocks protein/3 blocks fat/ .5 blocks carbs.
2.5oz Tuna, canned
15 Cashews
1 cucumber sliced
=2.5 blocks protein/5 blocks fat/1 block carbs.
I will eat 2-3 more meals today & workout:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 11

For the last two days I have worked out at CrossFit SouthWest located just outside of Phoenix. Ken is the owner/trainer of the gym, aside from running the gym, he is very busy moving into a beautiful new space. Congratulations to Ken on his new box! He has a great group of crossfitters that together create a really nice community. I feel totally welcomed there and am very grateful to be working out with them.

Ken, who doesn't always follow the national WODs, posts each day's workout on his blog.
Check it out here.

1 container 2% plain Fage Greek Yogurt

1 String cheese
Carrots w/ Peanut Butter

3 String Cheese
Green beans
Cherry tomatoes
Peanut butter

2oz Salami
1.5 cups Brocolli

3oz Salmon, canned
.5 cup Salsa
4 tbs Guacamole

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Alright here's a quickie update of my week in Arizona:

Work is moving pretty steadily and although it is really neat to be on a site, I must admit that getting back into field work has been pretty rough for me. A typical work day on this site involves shoveling dirt and gravel into 5gal. buckets that are then dumped into mesh screens where the dirt is sifted for artifacts. As you can image, this process is physically demanding and requires some serious stamina-thank god for CF! The worst part is the heat. I am slowly starting to get into it though and feel thankful for that.

Tuesday 5/6: Row 5K
Wednesday 5/7: Rest day
Thursday 5/8: CF Southwest 40 Snatches for time w/ partner
Friday 5/9: CF Southwest How many front squat in 10min? =86 @ #65
Saturday 5/10: GloboGym Fran = 11min.
Sunday 5/11: GloboGym BenchPress 5x5 @ #90, Deadlift 5x5 @ #175(only got 3/5), Weighted Pullups 5x3 @ #15
**I will share my experience at both of these gyms in further detail in a future post.

Aside from my weekend carb-loading, my diet has remained fairly green! I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to eat greens while in the field, but it really hasn't been an issue. Here is a list of some of my daily food items:
Hard boiled eggs
Tuna (of course)
Salmon, canned
Cherry Tomatoes
Pumpkin Seeds
Peanut Butter (of course)
Bell peppers

Today's Wod: GloboGym "Fight Gone Worse"= TBD

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1st wod: failure, kinda

Yesterday I attempted to workout in the "weight room" at the place I'm staying at...bad idea.

I was starting my first set of sprints and all of a sudden the belt on the tredmill tore! It simply ripped right down the middle and then made a horrible screeching noise before the whole machine just locked up and died. I then proceeded to quickly and quietly exit the room.

Today I will check out a local gym that may better accommodate my training style. I am not sure which crossfit workout I will do, it will likely be one that involves dumbbells. I'll have to get creative again.
Yesterday's wod 50 Burpees for time : approx. 5 min.

Food consumed today:
***For the record, I do eat dinner! The meals posted on this blog are those eaten prior to publishing the post. Who doesn't eat dinner, geez?

1/2 cup low fat Cottage Cheese w/ peanut butter and strawberries

Sunday, May 4, 2008

On the Road Again....

And just as I started getting comfy back at CFO, I get shipped off to AZ for a few weeks of some serious manual labor in the blazing sun.  Sweet!
Just got in an hour ago and I'm off to bed....stay tuned for some pretty consistent blogging.  I'll be doing most of workouts outdoors/anyway anyhow.  Fortunately, I am staying in a fairly metropolitan area so I will be using the globo gym when I can.  
Today's Wod: 
Deadlift #144
Bench# 90
Clean# 83.5 (3/4 BW)
*DNF (Got through 6's but had to catch my plane)

Your genes load the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger. -Dr. Houston