Monday, March 23, 2009


As I mentioned in the previous post, I had the privilege of attending the Biosignature Modulation seminar lead by Charles Poliquin. Poliquin uses Biosignature Modulation to determine and address hormonal imbalance through diet, exercise and natural supplements. At the seminar we learned the principles of Biosig and most importantly, we were trained on how to use calipers to measure skin folds. According to Poliquin, the skin folds can reveal a lot about an individuals hormonal make up. It's important to note that while this may seem to be all about body fat percentage, it is more focused on where you store fat and why.

It was interesting to hear him talk about the dietary protocols that he's experimented with over the years and has implemented with great success. Charles has extensive knowledge of nearly every vitamin, mineral and botanical out there and how to use them to treat hormonal imbalances. This was refreshing advice as I am a huge advocate of using food to combat weight loss. Because we are each biologically unique, it is important to get to know your body to understand which nutrients will be useful for you. In addition, Charles reinforced much of what we already know about the components [sleep, whole food diet, low stress, etc.] of a healthy lifestyle. He came across as part strength coach, part scientist and part French-Canadian hippie.

I came away with a new-found appreciation of just how the foods we eat enormously affects our day to day as well as long term health. For the next few months I'll be experimenting on myself with the Biosignature protocol that I received. Part of my own protocol is to eat more protein- a lot more protein (see photo above) and less carbohydrates as I don't do well on a high carb diet. I am experimenting with the time and duration of my workouts. The programming is pretty much the same except I'll be doing less metcons.

To read more on Biosignature Modulation check out Charles Poliquin's website and this brief article in Oxygen Magazine.

Food Today: My goal is 140g protein today.
2oz Chicken with homemade Pesto
10AM (PWO)
4oz Chicken with homemade Pesto
.75 cup Cabbage, onions, carrots
2 Tbsp Coconut Butter, raw
1.5 cup Goat's milk yogurt, plain
1 Tbsp Almond butter

Workout Today:
120 pounds 5-5-5-5 (120 sec rest between each set)
159 pounds 5-5-5-5 (120 sec rest between each set)
Even though I didn't get nearly enough sleep, I slept incredibly well last nite:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biosignature Seminar here I come!

Today I am headed to Vancouver for the Biosignature Level 1 seminar. I have been really looking forward to attending this and gaining some wonderful insight on hormones. Many people have hormonal issues that make their fat loss efforts difficult: poor insulin sensitivity, a sluggish thyroid, estrogen imbalances, etc. I hope to utilize this valuable information to help future clients attain optimal fitness.

Charles Poliquin is a strength coach who does a lot of research on where people store fat on their bodies and why. Most of this research is based on his work with athletes. Biosignature Modulation is a system he developed over the course of 20 plus years of taking clients' skin fold measurements and comparing the results to what their bloodwork revealed about their hormonal status. According to Poliquin, with Biosignature Modulation one simply needs to measure just twelve specific skin folds to get a clear picture of what's going on hormonally inside and address these imbalances through dietary recommendations, exercise and supplements.

I'll be posting more on this when I return...

Your genes load the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger. -Dr. Houston